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A digital painting of some houses in Honfleur, Normandy, France.

Honfleur, Mes Amis

A decorative doorway in Honfleur, Normandy, France

Number 27

Les Gilaux - Signpost in rural Normandy - Digital Painting France art textures

Les Gilaux

digital painting Vieux Bassin Honfleur Normandy France painterly art

Colours Of Honfleur

Honfleur Normandy France watercolour painting colours colorful painterly

Return to Honfleur

sky France Normandy Normandie evening corn birds L'Huiziere


Normandie flowers balcony buildings old stone Normandie France

Flowers from Honfleur

old abandoned buildings France light doorway doors derelict

What Lies Beyond

churches Normandy Normandie France candles


old building details colourful colours colors colorful

In the Details…

Votive Candles - St Catherine's Church, Honfleur, Normandy


Revisiting Honfleur, Normandy

Back in Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-Five….

Green Alley - Honfleur, Normandy

Beyond the Green Door

The Old Harbour - Vieux Bassin, Honfleur, Normandy

Being There

Vieux Bassin, Honfleur, Normandy

Colours of Honfleur

Church of St Catherine, Honfleur, Normandy.

Church Gable – Honfeur, Normandy

Stone decor - Mont Saint Michel, France

Cast in Stone

The Refectory - Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

The Refectory – Mont Saint Michel

Window at Mortain, Normandy, France

French Window

Well-Matched Couple - Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

Well-Matched Couple