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An angel playing a strinted instrument - rom a painted panel by Thomas Ralph Spence (1855-1903) in St George’s Parish Church, Jesmond, Newcastle

Pre-Raphaelite Angel

All That Glitters..

black and white b&w monochrome keys keyboard piano


birds dove white tree birch nature gardens night visitor night visiting song kate rusby

The Night Visitor

harmony sovereign acoustic guitar instruments music

One String…

John Lennon Imagine

And So This Is Christmas…

flute fingers hands keys music musicians black and white B&W monochrome

Flute Fingering

music musical instruments brass trumpet black and white B&W monochrome school

Trumpet Break

percussion drums timpani sticks mallets music orchestra band score chart

Percussion Break


Arto Järvelä

fiddler fiddle trad traditional music Ireland Irish Teetotalers Martin Hayes Clare

Martin Hayes at Celtic Colours

Tim Edey at Celtic Colours International Festival - Cape Breton 2013 guitar festivals Nova Scotia Canada fiddles

Tim Edey

Kenneth Mackenzie fiddle pipes piper Cape Breton traditional Nova Scotia Canada

Kenneth Mackenzie


Early Flute Break


The Floating Bow

The Old Piano

The Old Piano

One of five painted panels by Thomas Ralph Spence (1855-1903) in St George's Parish Church, Jesmond, Newcastle.

Sad Eyed Angel

Ian MacDougall - Tom Fun Orchestra

Ian MacDougall – Tom Fun Orchestra

Fiddle Strings

Sunlight On The Bridge

Uilleann Pipes - Dublin

The Piper’s Chair


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