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A picture of Edgbaston Pool, Birmingham, England

Autumn Lake

Boats On The Lake

UK England painterly painting red leaves autumn fall digital art Birmingham Cannon Hill Park

Red Dogwood


architecture buildings tower block apartments flats spiral staircase

Ideal Homes?

bees selfridge selfridges Birmingham England UK architecture buildings modern

Worker Bees

shadows bench gardens Winterbourne Birmingham UK England autum fall

Bench Marks

paintings art digital art Winterbourne England UK watercolour

Tunnel Vision

houses gardens Winterbourne colours colourful fall autumn England window view

Winterbourne Window

architecture circle balcony University Of Birmingham black and white UK England

Squaring The Circle

Light Bridge

A Hazy Shade Of Winter

Red Bridge

Winterbourne Gardens - Birmingham, UK

Dark Swirl

Dome of the Aston Webb Builiding - University of Birmingham, England

The All-Seeing Eye

Rowing Boats

Rowing Boats

Back to The Hobbit's Wood

Back to The Hobbit’s Wood

Birmingham Nature Centre

Red Brick

Chimney Stack

Chimney Stack

Valerie Nettlefold by Charles M.Gere