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A slate roof on the parish church in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Lakeland Slate

The Church at Saltaire

Parish Church of St Lawrence in Kirkland, Cumbria, England


The Old Church

church window architecture Oxfordshire England UK Blewbury churches

Silent Prayer

Vault Lines

The Parish Church

candles textures painterly France churches


door doorway churches architecture uk England Yorkshire Otley hdr

Old Church Door

St Paul's Smithfield Dublin churches buildings sky clouds evening silhouette

The Sky At Night

churches Hexham Tyneside Northumberland England UK doors doorways wooden old ancient

Abbey Door – Hexham, Northumberland

churches Normandy Normandie France candles


fan vaulting vault architecture ceiling decoration bath abbey cathedral buildings UK England

Fan Worship

sundial Meriden old ancient graveyard church St Laurence England UK

A Matter Of Time…


Open Door

Ruined Church – County Kildare

Church of St Nicholas Of Myra (1834)

Durham Cathedral

Church Gable – Honfeur, Normandy