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watercolour painting art digital landscape Ireland

Patchwork Hills

birds dove white tree birch nature gardens night visitor night visiting song kate rusby

The Night Visitor

Charles Rennie Mackintosh window with red flower. Art architecture design arts and crafts art nouveau ard deco Scotland

We sat by the window…

churches Normandy Normandie France candles



Kelso Ontario Canada architecture black and white

Ski Bridge

leaves autumn fall windscreen car auto Toronto Canada seasons

Catch me when I fall…

harmony sovereign acoustic guitar instruments music

One String…

windows, balconies, flowers, Vitré, Brittany, Bretagne, France

Blue Window

painting painterly canvas lanterns lamps texture hearts love hanging

Heart Lanterns

abandoned trash paint tin painterly

Lost and Found

old building details colourful colours colors colorful

In the Details…

Toronto landscape building Don Valley painting painterly art digital

Misty Morning – Toronto

waterfall Marlay Park Dublin Ireland black and white b&w monochrome

The Magic Waterfall

architecture buildings Dublin Ireland cathedrals churches romanesque history historic portal entrance doors of dublin

Twelfth Century Romanesque Doorway

bees selfridge selfridges Birmingham England UK architecture buildings modern

Worker Bees

Boularderie Ross Ferry Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada rocks plants flowers sky black and white b&w monochrome shore sea Bras d'Or Lakes