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Celtic cross design from a gravestone at Kilmartin graveyard, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

Celtic Cross

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Face Of An Angel?

sundial Meriden old ancient graveyard church St Laurence England UK

A Matter Of Time…

Ruined Church – County Kildare

Old Gravestone

Infant gravestone - Culdaff Churchyard, County Donegal

The Song Of Solomon

Remembering the Blacksmith

High Cross at Clonca

The Old Churchyard at Cloncha near Culdaff, County Donegal

Clonca Church

Elizabeth McKinney Gravestone Culdaff Donegal

Elizabeth M’Kinney

Grave slab - Kilmartin Church graveyard, Argyll, Scotland


Cross Gable

Cross Gable

Burial Crypt - Glasgow Necropolis

Final Resting Place

Celtic Crosses at Killanny Graveyard, County Louth, Ireland.

Celtic Crosses at Killanny

Beales engraved flagstone, St Botolph's Church, Cambridge, England


Tiled burial place - Glasgow Cathedral

Tiled Burial Place

Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Necropolis

Overgrown gravestone - Kilmartin Graveyard. Argyll & Bute, Scotland


Jesmond Arch

Fallen Angel