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Aldborough House

Green door - Moville, County Donegal, Ireland

Simply Irresistible

The Old Churchyard at Cloncha near Culdaff, County Donegal

Clonca Church

Abandoned schoolhouse - County Tyrone, Ireland

The Old School

Old door at Harewood House, Yorkshire


Boland's Mill - Grand Canal Dock, Dublin


Dublin's abandoned Broadstone Station in morning sunlight.

Broadstone Morning

Abandoned Church - Dublin

Losing My Religion

Rusty old gear

Old Gear

Kilmainham Courthouse

Kilmainham Courthouse – 1820

The Iveagh Market - One of Dublin's abandoned treasures

The Keystone

Stranger In A Strange Land

Abandoned 1963 Ford Thunderbird Toronto

Thunderbirds Are Go

Red Is The Colour



Red painted door / fence Dublin

Red Wood Fence

Goodbye Old Paint

Goodbye Old Paint

Unusual Gardening Concept

Unusual Gardening Concept..

Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Rusty Crank Handle

Rusty Crank Handle