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Colourful Paintings at Hexham Abbey, Northumberland, England

Pictures At The Abbey

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The House At Ironbridge

Buscot Park Oxfordshire Oxford National Trust buildings mansion stately home painterly painting art

Buscot Park

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The Maiden Tower

Pen and Wash Doorway



Lionel Sackville - 1st Duke of Dorset

Lionel Sackville – 1st Duke of Dorset

Valerie Nettlefold by Charles M.Gere


Caged Bird - Byam Shaw (1907)

The Caged Bird

Byam Shaw painting at Winterbourne, Birmingham

Babes In The Wood

Pre-Raphaelite Knight by Thomas Ralph Spence

Knight In Shining Armour

One of five painted panels by Thomas Ralph Spence (1855-1903) in St George’s Parish Church, Jesmond, Newcastle

Pre-Raphaelite Angel

Just Another Angel?