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footbridge art painting painterly Kilmartin Glen Argyll Scotland textures

Footbridge at Kilmartin Glen

grave graveyard tomb gravestone 1798 Scotland Argyll Kilmartin lichens letters numbers numerals design celtic



Remembering the Blacksmith

Grave slab - Kilmartin Church graveyard, Argyll, Scotland


Standing Stones - Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, Scotland.

Standing Stones at Kilmartin

Overgrown gravestone - Kilmartin Graveyard. Argyll & Bute, Scotland


Details from Kilmartin Graveyard - Argyll, Scotland.

Tombstone Scrolls – Kilmartin

From the graveyard in Kilmartin, Argyll

Stone Flower

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross – Kilmartin Graveyard

Crown and Anchor Me

Colourful Lichens – Kilmartin, Argyll


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