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Andrea Beaton


A few of the ties I happily share with my two wonderful sons - for more formal occasions.

Family Ties

Colourful Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Sydney Skyline (Cape Breton)

Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Clouds on the Delta

Another view of downtown Sydney, Nova Scotia.

More Of Sydney

St George's Anglican Church - Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

St George’s, Sydney

Joan Harriss Cruise Pavillion - Sydney, Nova Scotia. Home of the world's largest fiddle!

Marine Terminal – Sydney, Cape Breton


Red Warehouse – Sydney, Cape Breton

Friendly Sydney, Nova Scotia

Downtown Sydney, Cape Breton

Wild flowers from a Cape Breton garden

Wild Flowers from Cape Breton

Floating Dock - Baddeck, Cape Breton

Floating Dock

Spare Wheel

Spare Wheel

Outboard Motor - Baddeck, Cape Breton


Sailboats - Cape Breton


Industrial Wetland - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Industrial Wetland – Sydney, Nova Scotia

View of Bras d'Or Lakes

Room With A View

O Canada - Autumn in Cape Breton

O Canada

The Other Sydney Harbour

The Other Sydney Harbour

Rusty Cables

Rusty Cables

Cape Breton Dock

Cape Breton Dock