High Royds

buildings architecture Yorkshire England UK painterly textures

High Royds – Former Mental Hospital – Menston, West Yorkshire


cranberries fruit red berries bowl painterly painting textures

Texture from Kerstin Frank. Thank you.

Bar t’at

pub bar Ilkely Yorkshire England Uk bar painterly

In the town of Ilkley, Yorkshire – not far from the famous Ilkley Moor…



Kitchen Art

Jo’s Flowers

On Ilkley Moor

climbing walking outdoors exercise clouds sky Ilkley Moor Yorkshire England UK

“On Ilkley Moor Ba’ Tat”

Texture from Lenabem Anna. Thank you.

Feathered Friend

duck bird feathers mallard female

Female Mallard Duck

Be Still

The Sky At Night

St Paul's Smithfield Dublin churches buildings sky clouds evening silhouette

St Paul’s Church – Smithfield, Dublin

Lost Summer

The Cat Came Back…

painterly, painting brushes, cobblestones cat textures digital art topaz impression filters

Much of the processing here is achieved with a new filter called Impression, from Topaz Labs. The variant used here is called Impasto and I used it as a plugin for Photoshop to produce the colourful brushstokes in the lower half  and sides of the picture. I wanted to preserve a lot of the detail in the top half, so a fair bit of selective masking was required to bring out the parts that I wanted to focus on – the cat, sculpture etc. I also imported a texture to give a bit more interest to the back wall area, adjusting the amount with more selective masking.

Texture by Kerstin Frank. Thank you.

Flower Jug

The High Part Of The Road

Gaelic Tree

tree painterly painting Gaelic College St Ann's Nova Scotia Canada Celtic Colours International Festival

Gaelic College – St Ann’s, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The House At Ironbridge

painting digital Ironbridge Shropshire England UK house buildings shops

House at Ironbridge, Shropshire

The Thames at Battersea

Miracle on Henrietta Street

Sun Room


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