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doors doorways entrance blue Dublin Ireland architecture

The Blue Doorway

bridges painting painterly art

Beyond the Bridge

Georgian doors doorways green Dublin Ireland architecture

Matched Pair

Buscot Park Oxfordshire Oxford National Trust buildings mansion stately home painterly painting art

Buscot Park

doorway doors door gothic Farmleigh Phoenix Park Dublin Ireland painterly

Gothic Doorway

window wall texture church

Evening Prayer

black and white b&w mono monochrome cottages Inverness Cape Breton Nova Scotia


buildings architecture Dublin Smithfield Square Ireland


buildings, architercture, Georgian, Dublin, hdr, Ireland, Stoneybatter

The Property Shop

Victorian architecture Leeds Yorkshire UK England hdr

Leeds Corn Exchange

banks buildings architecture doors doorways

Banking On It (1867)

Dublin Georgian architecture buildings Ireland

The Times We Live Inn…

sculpture head stone Dublin Ireland architecture art black and white b&w

Night Watch

architecture Dublin Ireland doors green doors of dublin buildings Ireland


buildings architecture abandoned derelict Dublin Ireland painterly sketch

Journey’s End

architecture Dublin doors and doorways doors of Dublin entrance declanod

Neoclassical Dublin

churches Hexham Tyneside Northumberland England UK doors doorways wooden old ancient

Abbey Door – Hexham, Northumberland

doors doorways wood carving wooden UK England Wirksworth Derbyshire Peak District

Mystery Doorway

painterly painting Mornington Drogheda Maiden Tower Meath Ireland art artwork paintings

The Maiden Tower

victorian red brick architecture Husbands Bosworth Leicestershire UK graveyards doors

Mark of the Cross


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