The Cat Came Back…

painterly, painting brushes, cobblestones cat textures digital art topaz impression filters

Much of the processing here is achieved with a new filter called Impression, from Topaz Labs. The variant used here is called Impasto and I used it as a plugin for Photoshop to produce the colourful brushstokes in the lower half  and sides of the picture. I wanted to preserve a lot of the detail in the top half, so a fair bit of selective masking was required to bring out the parts that I wanted to focus on – the cat, sculpture etc. I also imported a texture to give a bit more interest to the back wall area, adjusting the amount with more selective masking.

Texture by Kerstin Frank. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back…

  1. Hi, I’ve only just found your wonderful blog. I would love to see more detail about how you constructed each picture and the thought processes involved. Superb work!

    • Many thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. One of these days I will try to write a bit more about the pictures and how I approach them. It’s a constantly evolving process of discovery that I would love to share when I can find the time and the words. D

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