Not Fade Away…

cars autos automobiles hdr "not fade away" "buddy holly" "rolling stones"

Lincoln Continental Mark III – 1969


Encountered this huge beast/boat of a car at Vineland Estates Winery, Niagara, Ontario.

There is something compellingly excessive and ‘over the top’ about it

  – yet strangely streamlined and ‘retro’ –

that demanded a photograph.

Note the vestigial tail fins…..

2 thoughts on “Not Fade Away…

  1. well that bryan adams song just was on and then I opened this post – so the year 1969 is all around right now!

    Not sure show much acting you did to that color – but the photo itself is a work of art. The shine you caught – the clouds – and the color!

    and yes, I agree – the car is over the top- yet with that retro feel too – and also it is so clean and in mint condition.- which adds to the mood – nice car art. 🙂

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