Damp Leaves – Yorkshire

leaf leaves autumn fall colours colors seasons

6 thoughts on “Damp Leaves – Yorkshire

  1. Gorgeous! I do love those blues and violets so much because they are unexpected…..and they do ‘fit’ – so very well. And the mottling is so typical of late late autumn. I can almost smell them….

  2. There are a lot of autumn photos and these are the most beautiful leaves that I have ever seen. Really, I never seen a blue leave in my life and slightly purply. The dampness also gives the leaves a glossy shine and freshness, like they are still alive and they’re happy. It takes someone with a special eye to be able to notice this kind of detailed beauty when you are walking around outside and everything is damp and cold. Well done for your talent and genuine gift for photography. And I also like Yorkshire puddings, especially the puffy ones not the flat ones! I notice this photo was taken in Yorkshire! 🙂

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