Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey

Overlooking Killiney Bay, Dalkey

Overlooking Killiney Bay, Dalkey

Famous People of Dalkey: Many notable people have lived and worked in Dalkey. John Dowland, the melancholy Elizabethan lutenist and composer, may have been born here. George Bernard Shaw lived in Torca Cottage on Dalkey Hill from 1866 to 1874. Today the writer Maeve Binchy, author of many women’s novels lives on Sorrento Road. Neil Jordan, director of many popular films such as “The Crying Game”, “Michael Collins”, and “The End Of The Affair” lives on Sorrento Terrace. U2 band member “The Edge” (David Evans) lives a few doors down in Sorrento Cottage. World Class Formula One racing driver Eddie Irvine also lives on Sorrento Road, as does Van Morrison. Singer Lisa Stansfield lives in Mount Henry on Torca Road, near Dalkey Quarry. BBC presenter Gloria Hunniford, John Simpson, BBC correspondent, and Late Late Show presenter Pat Kenny all live near Bulloch Harbour.

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