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Beach Biker

Trees at Dusk - Beaches, Toronto

Beach Trees

Beaches - Toronto

Rocks On The Beach

Beaches - Toronto

Beach Runner B&W

Beach Runner

Beach Runner

Retired Waste Bins - Toronto Beaches Boardwalk

Four by Three

Rowing boats at rest - Leuty Lifeguard Station, Toronto.

Life Savers

Lapin Câlin, Mourguet

Lapin Câlin

Lion On The Beach - Queen Street East, Beaches, Toronto

Lion On The Beach

Colourful houses framed by the Olympic Pool at Woodbine and Lakeshore - Toronto.

Beach Houses – Toronto

Meat On The Beach - Toronto

Meat On The Beach – Toronto

Centre Of Balance - Beaches, Toronto.

A Question of Balance

Not "Photoshopped"

Dr. Bak – Appropriately Named

Plumbing at the open-air swimming pool down the road....

Battlestar Galactica?

Artist's Home - Beaches, Toronto.

Not Far From The Beach

Morning in the Beaches, Toronto

Seagull Classics

Evening Walk - Beaches, Toronto

Into The Sunset

Carefree cyclist - Kew Beach Park, Toronto

No Hands

Kew Beach Park, Toronto on a perfect autumn day.

Autumn In The Park

Tullagh Bay

Now That’s A Beach….


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