The Kissing Gate

kissing gate Ireland Phoenix Park Dublin parks wrought iron

Old gate at Citadel Pond – Phoenix Park, Dublin.


Banking On It (1867)

banks buildings architecture doors doorways

Imposing doorway of a former bank – now part of the Westin Hotel, College Street, Dublin

The Times We Live Inn…

Dublin Georgian architecture buildings Ireland

From a new series of Dubln streetscapes

Night Watch

sculpture head stone Dublin Ireland architecture art black and white b&w

An enigmatic face looks out over College Green, Dublin.


Donegal beach sand patterns landscape texture

Sand Patterns…

Texture by DistressedJewell. Thank you.


architecture Dublin Ireland doors green doors of dublin buildings Ireland

Irish National War Memorial Gardens – Islandbridge, Dublin

¿dónde está la marcha?

March spring flowerpots seasons nightlife spanish

First of March…

Bad News on the Doorstep…

American Pie Don McLean black and white mono monochrome winter flowerpots rain cold seasons loneliness

February made me shiver

With every paper I’d deliver

Bad news on the doorstep

I couldn’t take one more step…

[Don McLean - American Pie]

Bienvenido a la Casa Bug

gardening gardens bugs insects Dublin Ireland

Bug Motel – Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Journey’s End

buildings architecture abandoned derelict Dublin Ireland painterly sketch

Abandoned Dreams – Arbour Hill, Dublin

Wind Chimes

Along Dublin's Grand Canal

Along Dublin’s Grand Canal

I came across these chimes, hanging from a tree along Dublin’s Grand Canal near Baggot Street Bridge. They were part of a larger shrine or memorial – but to whom? It appeared to be dedicated to the memory of an unnamed child, perhaps lost by drowning in the canal…..and I wondered if the sound of those little bells was reminiscent of the child’s laughter.

What ‘ave we got ear, then?

ears plant growing vegetable botanic gardens dublin ireland vegetables

  Spotted among the brassicas at Dublin’s Botanic Gardens.

It might be art ;)



You’re Never Far Away…

Neoclassical Dublin

architecture Dublin doors and doorways doors of Dublin entrance declanod

Oak doorway – Casino at Marino – Dublin, Ireland.

Tales from the Dark Wood

Abbey Door – Hexham, Northumberland

churches Hexham Tyneside Northumberland England UK doors doorways wooden old ancient

Hexham Abbey, dedicated to St Andrew, was built between 1170 and 1250.

Another Cold Guinness

beer Guinness stout Dublin Ireland black and white B&W monochrome cobblestones rails railway cobbles Ireland

The Guinness Brewery, St James’s Gate, Dublin was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759

Wildflower Dreams


red barge boat Dublin Ireland Grand canal waterways Irish

Barge on Dublin’s Grand Canal. Riasc (Irish) means a marsh or wetland.


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