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Victorian architecture Leeds Yorkshire UK England hdr

Leeds Corn Exchange

lock door padlock secure security old strong strength


giro d'italia cycling bikes sport dublin Ireland painting painterly digital art

Giro d’Italia

chives gardens gardening painterly painting pink

Chives Talking

Rowan Gillespie sculpture famine hunger Dublin Ireland

The Face Of Hunger

boy children playing shadows urban

Just A Boy…

abstract photographic art declanod

World View

trees fields moors Yorkshire England UK painterly

A Yorkshire Landscape

post box letter box letters mail mailbox abandoned derelict Toronto Beaches

Nobody Home

sky France Normandy Normandie evening corn birds L'Huiziere


ropes ships boats boating sailing harbour quay quayside tidy

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

rust peeling paint abandoned derelict green pipes metal

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

spring seasons buds trees branches textures

Late Spring

kissing gate Ireland Phoenix Park Dublin parks wrought iron

The Kissing Gate

black and white b&w monochrome keys keyboard piano


banks buildings architecture doors doorways

Banking On It (1867)

Dublin Georgian architecture buildings Ireland

The Times We Live Inn…

sculpture head stone Dublin Ireland architecture art black and white b&w

Night Watch

Donegal beach sand patterns landscape texture


architecture Dublin Ireland doors green doors of dublin buildings Ireland



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