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bridges painting painterly art

Beyond the Bridge

Georgian doors doorways green Dublin Ireland architecture

Matched Pair

doorway doors door gothic Farmleigh Phoenix Park Dublin Ireland painterly

Gothic Doorway

buildings architecture Dublin Smithfield Square Ireland


buildings, architercture, Georgian, Dublin, hdr, Ireland, Stoneybatter

The Property Shop

giro d'italia cycling bikes sport dublin Ireland painting painterly digital art

Giro d’Italia

Rowan Gillespie sculpture famine hunger Dublin Ireland

The Face Of Hunger

kissing gate Ireland Phoenix Park Dublin parks wrought iron

The Kissing Gate

banks buildings architecture doors doorways

Banking On It (1867)

Dublin Georgian architecture buildings Ireland

The Times We Live Inn…

sculpture head stone Dublin Ireland architecture art black and white b&w

Night Watch

architecture Dublin Ireland doors green doors of dublin buildings Ireland


gardening gardens bugs insects Dublin Ireland

Bienvenido a la Casa Bug

buildings architecture abandoned derelict Dublin Ireland painterly sketch

Journey’s End

Along Dublin's Grand Canal

Wind Chimes

ears plant growing vegetable botanic gardens dublin ireland vegetables

What ‘ave we got ear, then?

architecture Dublin doors and doorways doors of Dublin entrance declanod

Neoclassical Dublin

Another Cold Guinness

red barge boat Dublin Ireland Grand canal waterways Irish


leaves foliage wisteria St Enda's Park Dublin Ireland gate autumn fall colours



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